Step 4, character number 2, demoulding the foam latex


As I mentioned before, foam latex is very sensitive, everything can make it go wrong, humidity in the room, temperature, how long it bakes in the oven, the mixing time and speed etc.

After trying 3 times with a bad result, I was almost giving up, since I have very little time to finish it and you have to wait a day until you can see how one turned out, which means that I have spent 3 days on unsuccessful results, and started to feel very stressed about it. But remember this, I am not a quitter, and you just need to keep up the good mood and keep on trying until you get what your aiming for.

I decided to give it another go, I mixed it even more carefully this time, turning the bowl backwards while in the mixer, I don’t know if this is the reason for it, or if it was the better weather outside, but finally it turned out as a soft nice foam latex.


It is now time to decorate it. To do this you will need Pros Aid and acrylic paints to prepare.