Step 3, the pet; attaching the wings.

Once the Varaform wings are made it is easy to attach them to the Lycra suit.


Since the Varaform is a net you can easily attach it with herringbone stitches around the edge.

You can see that this gives a lightweight wing shape that breathes, which will add to the comfort of the actor.


The biggest problem with the Varaform is that the net will show through when backlit so it needs to be covered with a fabric that won’t let light through. two layers of the same swimsuit lycra that I used for the suit is perfect to cover the wing with. I attach the Lycra with herringbone stitches, stretching it while sewing around the edge for a smooth result.


The feather fabric that I used for the birdman is one of my favourite materials, even though it is expensive it saves me hours of work.


Instead of sewing the feather fabric on to the costume as I did with character number one, the birdman, I realised that it is much better to glue it on with Copy Dex, it makes it flexible and durable, and saves a lot of time making instead of sewing the fabric on.

Since the front and arms will have less feathers they have to be covered by hand, feather by feather, so I will only cover the back, shoulders and neck of the costume with the feather fabric.

Pleased with the outcome I am ready to move on to the next step.