step 5, character number 2; colouring the mask.

The first thing that I need to correct before painting is the crack in the foam that appeared due to that the plaster mould cracker during my last go of foaming, this is not a major problem, since this part will both be covered with the wig, and it is easily fixable with some Pros Aid. I just clear the both edges with a pair of sharp cuticle scissors and glue them back together, and the crack is almost gone.

Before colouring you need to cover the whole surface with a layer of Pros Aid, or the paint wont stick to the foam, use a make up sponge and apply a thin layer over the whole  face.

Before I start with the colouring, I use one of the unsuccessful foams to try out the shades and techniques, to avoid making and misstakes on the actual piece.

I start with a make up sponge, and cover the whole surface with my selected shade of white, then i use different paint brushes and shades to get a nice skin texture, since no skin is completely even in colour, even if he is completely white there are several different whites to be used.

The paint I use is called Pax Paint, and is acrylic paint mixed with Pros Aid, this sticks to the Pros Aided foam and is very easy to paint with.

A good way to get a nice look to the skin is to use a paintbrush, cut half of the brush’s bristles. Then dip the brush in thin paint and then use your hand to sprinkle small dots of paint over the surface.

I also added some birthmarks and spots here and there to give the skin a natural look.

Once all of the details are added I apply another layer of sprinkled white to give it a more smooth appearance, which is important to this character.

When the face is colourized it is just to wait for it to dry and then you can move on to the hair punching.