step 6, character number 2; hair punching

Once the mask is painted and dry, it is time to apply the beard to it. The best way to do this is by hair punching.

Hair punching gives a ver natural look, since you punch the hairs into the mask just a few at the time.

I punch in about 4 hairs at a time in most of the beard, since it wont show, and it will go quicker to punch, and remember that time is money.

For the punching I use a tool that I have made from a sewing needle, which eye I have cut in half, which creates a U shape. The needle is attached to the handle of a scalpel with exchangable blades, which makes you able to hold on to the needle properly. Do not hold only in the needle, you will hurt yourself. Put the hairs in the U shape and simply press it carefully into the surface of the foam, then remove the tool, the hairs will stay in the foam.

Around the visible edge, I punch the hairs one or two at a time, to make it look natural, just think about how hair actually grows.

Then it is done, the eyebrows will be made from faux fur, since I am aiming for an animalistic look to them.