Behind the scenes, photo shoot; character 2 and the pet.

Time to shoot character 2 and the future pet. I have prepared everything carefully the days before so we wont have any devastating probems on shooting day, since we are all very stressed out. I was planning to shoot character 2 on another day, but when doing the test make up I realised that the water based make up wont work, so I needed to find an other solution. Airbrushing would have been perfect, unfortunately the compressor to it has broken down and it can not be repaired. I wanted to buy a new one but I did not have time to find a good one. So I decide to use grease paint.

For this shoot I needed white grease paint, make up sponges, white transparent powder, pros aide, pros release, hairspray and hair pins. The mask are glued on to the face with pros aide, and the wig are attached on top of the mask, and styled when on the head. Me and Elin, my assistant, painted Rolf’s body with the grease paint very carefully to get an even layer all over.

The grease paint gets easily uneven when Rolf moves and touches things, so it needs to be improved every now and then. When we girls are in the room Rolf gets a piece of fabric to shield himself with.

Me and Elin looked at the images on a screen in another room to give the naken man some privacy.

When the first shooting was done we all where well worth a nice lunch!

The pet costume did not require any other make up than some black eyeliner around the eyes. the costume covers the whole body, so it was quick to put on.

Me and Robert look at the screen while shooting to make sure that everything looks perfect.

I don’t know exactly whats going on here!

Since the costume is partly made from latex, it gets quite hot inside, so every now and then Rolf needs to take of the mask and rest, and drink some water.

This is my favorite costume by far, he does not at all look human!