Step 2, the priest; Making the head piece.

The headpiece fot the priest is inspired by the native americans, and is made of primarily feathers, but it has a design that reminds of the catholic mitre.

The base of the head piece is made of brass shim that is cut and shaped after Rolf’s head cast.

The head piece is stabilized with tulle, that is glued on with Uhu glue on the back of the feathers on top of the brass shim. It is essential to cover all of the sharp edges of the shim with fabric, so there is no risk of hurting yourself.

I apply goose feathers on the inside and on the outside to make it even and get a nice outer profile.

Last I strengthen the feathers on the inside with bias tape, that I glue on the inside with Copy Dex, both to seal them and to make it look neat.

On the outside I add two different feather ribbons, one with duck feathers and one with duck down. The down has a slightly yellowish colour that makes the head piece look even nicer, by adding a bit of depth in colour.

Last I attach the same native inspired ribbon around the edge that I used for the costume, around the edge, and with two double sided ribbons hanging down the back with duck feathers attached to the ends. This makes it remind of the mitre, and is very decorative for the whole outfit.

The last thing I do is to add a large millinery tulle on the inside of the headpiece, this is to be able to fix it to the head with hair pins.