Hand in

As my hand in for my FMP I have made sketchbook with my gathered research for this massive project. To match the theme of the images I have made the book as an old ”dug up” book, as if has been found somewhere and is telling a story of an alternative Evolution, just as the holy Bible.

I am also handing in:

1 book with my technical log, showing my technical process during the development of the characters and costumes, with research and experimentations, misstakes and analysis.

1 book of all materials used during the project with MSDS, infos and samples.

1 exit potfolio that consists of 5 A3 books that together goes into a box that I have made in the shape of a big book. They are all made in the same theme with the same front as the leather cover for my sketchbook.

Last I put everything in a linen bag that I have patinated with a little note on