Belfast, Northern Ireland, and six weeks with the Game of Thrones

I have now spent 6 weeks here in Belfast. Two weeks ago I got moved by the Costume Designer to another department in Costume, assigned to make the bespoke more fabricated and sculpted costumes, this after showing her my portfolio of work. I am very happy, and the work is absolutely perfect for my skills. It is a smaller department with more challenging tasks, and I love challenges!:) I am delighted.

I am working with a great team and have met many new friends and colleagues these last few weeks.

I have also finally moved into a room in the city centre, after struggling to find somewhere to live for the first 4 weeks, moving from place to place. It is strange how one has been spoiled by the way things work in London, and the difference when you come to a smaller town where only one or two rooms posted a day, a very restricted market. Anyway, I am settled! I took a trip to IKEA and bought some necessary things, Swedish food, and finally I am unpacked!

After taking two wonderful trips around the north coast I am indeed impressed by the Northern Irish landscapes, and the overwhelming beauty that it offers. While you are in Belfast, you can get quite depressed by the constant rain and the industrial look of the town, but just a few moments outside the town the beauty arises!