Back in Sweden

Long time ago I posted on this blog, mostly because I have been working on copy right protected material and not allowed to post anything here. After 6 months on Northern Ireland, I got to follow HBO and Game of Thrones to the filming on Iceland. Iceland was absolutely amazing and the time spent there was almost the best during the whole production. There was so much beautiful environments and things to see, and being Swedish and all I was well used to the cold and northern lights, so I felt like home, but better! I have made almost all of the costumes worn north of the wall, which you will be able to see at the release of the third season on the 31st of March 2013. Here is a link to the ”in production trailer” with some sneak peaks of my work.

After Iceland I took a flight straight back to Stockholm, and I must tell you, it felt good to be home!

After almost 4 years abroad I have decided to move back to Sweden. I will still do international productions, but I feel it is important to have a base somewhere, and Stockholm is always home.

After a few weeks in Stockholm I left for the alps and my beloved Savoie, snowboarding and refreshing my spirit after working non stop for over 2 years. Now it is a new year and I have started to spread the word that I am back in town. I have been assigned to make some commission work for the Eurovision song contest, which is fab, and I am happy.

I will keep you updated on my technical work and methods on everything I do!

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